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The System of the Intelligent Factory


The Intelligent Factory System has the objective of coordinating all the actors who operate in the manufacturing sector, on different levels: Regional, National and European. The aim is to gather and organize regional excellences and necessities, in order to generate Roadmaps, disseminate research results, and promote the development of partnerships, knowledge and experiences. The aim is therefore to foster the development and growth of regional actors, which are the main characters of innovation in manufacturing.

National Level

The system of the National Technological Cluster Intelligent Factory has the objective of coordinating all the actors that operate in the manufacturing Sector, in Italy. It was born from the will of the Italian Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) in 2012, and it has a strong regional ground. Different regional actors operate to commit stakeholders: Enterprises, Research Centers, Universities, Associations. Clusters have a tight cooperation with policy makers at national and regional levels, to guarantee the actual implementation of shared economic policies, able to take up the real needs of the Industry.  CFI and the regional entities connected to it have therefore the ultimate objective of catalyzing the growth of the industrial system, through the innovation of manufacturing processes and systems.

AFIL is a supporter member of the National Cluster Intelligent Factory – CFI

Regional Level

AFIL is the main character of the intelligent factory system at regional level, in Lombardy. It is the entity recognized by the Lombardy Regional Government for the development of primary themes for the manufacturing sector in the region. In that role, AFIL coordinated all the actors interested in the development of Advanced Manufacturing: Enterprises, Research Centers, Universities. To deliver this result, AFIL supplies processes and tools, thanks to which it creates situations in which its members can develop ideas and create research and innovation projects. AFIL is the intermediary between its members and the regional government of Lombardy, supporting it in the development of Research and Innovation priorities in the manufacturing sector.

AFIL therefore identifies, develops and supplies the most effective tools, for its members, to catalyze the innovation of the manufacturing sector in Lombardy, growing its competitiveness.

European Level

AFIL is part of the network of European Regions most active in the theme of Advanced Manufacturing. AFIL firsthand participates to European cooperation projects, with which it is able to enhance and enlarge this network. Moreover, AFIL takes part to the main European initiatives, thanks to which it can influence sectorial strategies and policies with an European scope. First among them is the Vanguard Initiative (http://www.s3vanguardinitiative.eu/), association formed by the most advanced manufacturing regions in Europe, in which AFIL coordinates the “Efficient and Sustainable Manufacturing” program.