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EADMA – European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre

The project has been commissioned by the EU Commission under  EASME COSME funding. 

Periodo: 1/06/2018 – 31/05/2020

Countries: Italy | Spain | Belgium | Denmark | Germay | The Netherlands | Poland | France | Slovenia


€ 2.000.000,00

Budget AFIL 



Roberta Curiazzi –roberta.curiazzi@afil.it

The European Commission frees € 2 million for the creation of a European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre. Agoria, the Belgian technology federation, together with 16 partners in 9 European countries will take charge of this project assisting European manufacturing SMEs in their uptake of advanced manufacturing technologies and systems as well as offering them a benchmarking framework for Factories of the Future at European level.


During the next three years, following activities will be carried out by the project partners :

  1. Development and testing of a coherent European methodology to help transform (SME) manufacturing companies into Factories of the Future.
  2. Promoting this methodology through communications and intensive training courses to a wide variety of European innovation partners.
  3. Setting up learning networks of Factory of the Future champions.
  4. Establishing and promoting a European Advanced Manufacturing Support Centre.
  5. Organising a European Factory of the Future Award event.
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