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Co-funded by the Erasmus+ programme of the European Union.

Project Budget: € 288.920,00
AFIL Budget: € 37.770,00

 09/2017 – 08/2020

Participating regions: Lombardia | Catalonia| East Midlands

Topic: SMEs Digitalization

Project Website: www.digit-t.eu
Internal Contacts: Marzia Morgantini and Serena Malvestiti

The Digit-T Project is born within the Industry 4.0. Since many SMEs are struggling to understand how to effectively implement Industry 4.0 solutions, the goal of the project is to create a training system that supports them in tackling this change. In particular, we want to give them the opportunity to understand in depth what Industry 4.0 is: the associated terminology, the expected benefits and the identification of areas of application and use cases in their companies.

This training system will include a free online interactive e-learning platform and an open access consultation book.

The project is structured in three steps:

  1. Survey on the actual needs of SMEs, through a survey conducted among companies representing all the regions involved in the project. The results will give the guidelines for the creation of the platform, with regard to the contents and methods of use of the e-learning service.
  2. Content development and the platform itself, which will be tested by companies. The platform will be available initially in English, and subsequently in Italian and Spanish.
  3. Production of the book, which will give users the opportunity to study the topics covered in the online forms.

The partners involved in the project are: University of Nottingham (United Kingdom), AFIL (Italy), Institute for Production Systems – National Research Council (ITIA-CNR, Italy) and EURECAT (Spain).

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