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This projects is financed by European Union Framework Programme for Research and Innovation Horizon 2020

Project Budget: € 7.999.486,00
AFIL Budget: € 108.000,000
(100% financed)

Interval: 01/11/2015 – 31/10/2018

Participating regions: Lombardia | Basque Country | Baden Württenberg | Norte | Auvergne-Rhône Alpes

Topic: ICT Innovation for the support of SMEs in the process of digitalization

Project Website: http://www.beincpps.eu/
Internal Cotacts: Marzia Morgantini

BEinCPPS – Business Experiments in Cyber Physical Production Systems – has the objective of supporting manufacturing SMEs in the implementation of Cyber Physical Production Systems (CPPS), experimenting a platform which integrates the three levels of a production system (machine-factory-cloud). The platform will be first tested and implemented by five companies, based in 5 different regions adhering to the Vanguard Initiative (Lombardy – IT, Euskadi – ES, Baden Wuerttemberg – DE, Norte – PT, Auvergne-Rhone Alpes – FR). After this phase, it will be largely disseminated in all European Regions, with the help of local competence centers and manufacturing SMEs.

The outcome of the project will be the raising in the implementation of CPPSs producers from the whole Europe, through the development of a network of regional innovation ecosystems, composed by competence centers, manufacturing enterprises and SMEs operating in the IT solutions sector.


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