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This project is financed by  ERDF found within the Interreg Central Europe program

Project Budget: € 1.713.131,51
AFIL Budget: € 156.422,53
(of which € 31.284,50 co-financed)

Interval: 01/06/2016 – 31/11/2018
Duration: 36 months

Participating regions: Lombardia | Bolzano | Styria | Baden – Wurttemberg | Sassonia | Slovenia | Transdanubio Ovest | Maloposkie

Topic: Development of a network of enterprises and regional actors, in the area of Central Europe, which favors cooperation and sharing of knowledge and new technologies about advanced manufacturing.

Project website: http://www.interreg-central.eu/Content.Node/3DCentral.html
Internal Contacts: Roberta Curiazzi

The project 3DCentral – “Catalyzing Smart Engineering and Rapid Prototyping” aims at the creation of a stable network for innovation in the area of Central Europe, with a particular focus on the themes of Smart Engineering and Rapid Prototyping.

Usually this area is characterized by a good level of knowledge, but it is not much structured nor interconnected, fact that causes inefficiencies in Regions under development. Therefore, the main objective is to develop, implement and consolidate the knowledge of the Region of Central Europe to strengthen the network and the capacities of cooperation among the most relevant actors in technology and innovation.

Specifically, the main output of the project is the creation of a system for the sharing of knowledge based on 11 themes relevant for the area (KACE – Knowledge Axes for Central Europe). Such system will allow the involved actors to use tools (such as webinars) which favor the transferring and sharing of the main knowledge areas. On the top of that, to promote the cooperation and networking activities some Tech&Inno Camps will be organized, about the different themes of the 11 development KACEs:

1. Additive Manufacturing
2. 3D Design/ Engineering/ Scanning/ Simulation
3. Smart and functional materials
4. Digital life
5. Technologies for sustainable manufacturing
6. Virtual and augmented reality for manufacturing
7. Value-added virtual supply chains
8. Smart Services
9. Robotics (components, machines and intelligent robots)
10. Mechatronics (sensor, monitoring and control)
11. CE Brain Base
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