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Organizational Structure


Since December 2015, AFIL has the legal form of “Recognized Association”, according to the Italian Civil code, articles from n.14 to n.35. The form has been conferred by the Decree n.308 of the Lombardy Region, in date 23/12/2015.

The statute of the association second version issued in the second version on 20th November 2015, foresees 4 categories of members:

  • Founding Members, the subjects responsible for constituting the legal entity for AFIL;
  • Industrial Members, divided in Large Enterprises and SMEs;
  • Research Members, which are Universities and both public and private Research Centers;
  • Associates, which are subjects belonging to professional industrial


AFIL is led by a Governing Council composed of 10 members, elected by the members General Assembly:

  • 2 representatives of Large Enterprises;
  • 2 representatives of Small and Medium Enterprises;
  • 1 representative of Research Members;
  • 1 representative of Associate Members, without the right to vote;
  • 4 representatives of Founding Members.