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AFIL Strategy



In a global scenario, constantly updating and developing, it is essential for a Manufacturing Company to participate in a virtuous system of knowledge and technology upgrading.

Being acknowledged about what is happening in the whole manufacturing industry basing on a limited network of personal contacts and on the personal entrepreneurial intuition, which have always characterized Lombardy SMEs, is not sufficient anymore.

Today exists an easily accessible, modern and functional system which allows companies to to live the here and now of Manufacturing, with a thrust towards innovation and the future European value chains. Th virtuous cycle of innovation, technology, network and knowledge.




The active participation in the AFIL network allows the Lombard enterprises operating in the Advanced Manufacturing to have all the necessary tools to rise their degree of competitiveness and performance: at a national level of course, but especially with an European and worldwide setting.

Both the strength and the perspectives of the technological Cluster of Intelligent Factory are founded on the active participation and involvement of its members, and in the usage of the interlinked tools made available for them.

The tools made available follow the approach put in place by AFIL. First, a community of stakeholders is created, and connected through a web platform. Then, a strategical Roadmap for Manufacturing in Lombardy is created (done in 2014) and continuously updated; third, thematic working groups are put in place according to the roadmap, and animated by the cluster; fourth, relevant innovation is deployed through the development of cooperative projects, created within the groups. The whole process strengthens and let the community grow, and is reinforced by the participation of AFIL in European projects.