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24/11/2020 – Humans in the factory: smart technologies and solutions to ensure employees well being and work quality

24/11/2020 – Humans in the factory: smart technologies and solutions to ensure employees well being and work quality

Humans in the factory

Smart technologies and solutions to ensure employees well being and work quality


24 Novembre 2020 (H.14.30 – 16.30)


Starting from the consideration that the human factor remains the ”Key to The future “, this LNE will focus on advanced technologies and solutions implemented in the workplace to enhance employees work quality ensuring safety and ergonomics as well as efficiency.
In such a dynamic and uncertain context, jobs will be more and more focused on value-added activities rather than on operative and hard tasks. Accordingly, workers will be required to change their habits toward value added activities that require enhanced competencies to be able to supervise machines works and strategically contribute to companies’ goals. Moreover, considering the recent pandemic implications, safety and flexibility are necessary conditions to be ensured to guarantee employees well being and work quality.

These are the main challenges that companies should address to valorise the human factor, which can provide great competitive advantage in the near future. Thus, innovations and strategic decisions, form the design to the implementation, can not ignore employees feelings and needs, which should be taken into account in all the stages of innovation processes. This will also allow companies to recognise competences gaps and highlight the needs of reshaping human activities in the factory, upgrading available skills or introducing new profiles.

With the aim to address this contents, the event will be organised as a peer learning session during which companies will share their experiences with the contribution of experts and technology providers who elaborated specific applications in different fields. The panel session will be followed by a round table in which speakers will be invited to discuss how to leverage on human factor to maintain competitiveness and the related challenges.



14.30 – 14.40: Welcome
14.40 – 16.00: Panel session
16.00 – 16.20: Round Table
16.20 – 16.30: Wrap-up


  • BSD – “Human-centred automation as cornerstone for mature factories of the future”
  • The vision of the man at the center of the factory could only be effectively realized if automation is brought to the machine according to person’s limits, abilities and needs. Human-Centred Automation may deploy a man-machine interaction/integration continuum, a relation in which both the entities autonomously act and collaborate throughout the production process and the product lifecycle, in order to consistently reach productivity and wellbeing together.
    The case study presents an integrated ergonomics and interaction design project for machine tools in the automotive sector. This project has seen the development of man-machine interaction models as holistic interface towards data, services, and automation management in a complex socio-technical system. Field analysis, system modelling, user interaction and interface design will be part of the human-centred manufacturing storytelling case aiming at making complexity manageable and to support digital transformation in mature factories


  • TXT –  “Augmented Human in the Factory”
    The speech presents in practical terms a new approach in which worker senses are augmented through the connection with factory environment like IOT and AI and collaborate with them to execute troubleshooting procedures


  • Scaglia-Indeva –  “Collaborative Applications with the Intelligent Devices for Handling INDEVA”

The INDEVA of the  Liftronic® series are intelligent devices for handling, which enables operators to lift and transport loads with complete ease.  Equipped with an advanced electronic control system, the manipulators provide ergonomic load handling, reducing the stress and strain associated with manual handling.  Using advanced technology, Indeva’s industrial manipulators are not designed to replace people with machinery, but to enable our customers’ employees to work longer and more safely without the risk of work-related injuries.


  • ADIGE“Smart Factory for Humans: a new approach in practice “

Adige builds intelligent laser machines to produce complex components directly from tubes. Adige Lasertube machines are designed and built focusing on factory operators wellness and inclusion. The same philosophy is applied to internal manufacturing facilities. The new lasertube production facility is designed in order to give the best support to the highly skilled assembly operators and to apply digitisation best practices to improve productivity, quality and personnel wellbeing.


For more information, please contact: roberta.curiazzi@afil.it